CCW holds a number of Private & Public events
from weekly seminars to  study days and conferences

In addition to public events, CCW provides bespoke services for government and military institutions. CCW provides bespoke support to individuals and organisations in government and the armed forces, both in the United Kingdom and internationally. These include lectures and study days, advice, committee support and connections to subject specialists.

The CCW also convenes a number of international conferences, symposia and workshops, where personnel from academic, government, international organisations and armed forces are brought together to discuss matters of common interest. Many of these are focused on the problems of making strategy, including for the fourth year running, in collaboration with the Development Concepts and Doctrine Centre, the ‘Strategy Forum’ (October 2016, March 2017, October 2017).  

We also staged international conferences on Russia and Nordic-Baltic Defence and Security, military modernisation, operations in an information age (including hybrid warfare challenges), and metrics for the assessment of change in conflict. We have a proven track record in the delivery of high quality, high impact events like these. We have a close but critical relationship with many defence institutions internationally and we are valued for our ability to generate original thinking drawn from diverse perspectives which informs and shapes their work.


PUBLIC Seminars

CCW Lunchtime Seminar Series

Tuesdays, 1.00pm in the Department of Politics on Manor Road, Seminar Room G
(12.50 for a sandwich lunch) - Term time only.

The long-running Tuesday lunchtime seminar series reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the programme: local and international speakers, drawn from a variety of disciplines, present research relating to the changing character of warfare. This series is chaired by the CCW Director of Studies and attended by the core team and Visiting Research Fellows. 

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New Warfare Series

Alternate Wednesdays, 5.15pm, Wharton Room, All Souls College. Michaelmas and Hilary Terms only.
The bi-weekly Wednesday evening seminar series addresses a particular theme throughout the academic year. This seminar series is chaired by the Director of Studies.


The Military History Seminar Series

Alternate Wednesdays, 5.15pm, Wharton Room, All Souls College. Term time only.
The Military History Seminar Series, convened by Professor Peter Wilson.


Annual Lecture

Trinity Term, Venue varies.
Our annual public lectures attract audiences of over 400. Lecturers have included soldiers, academics, and statesmen who have had a significant impact on world events. Recent lecturers have included David Petraeus and David Kilcullen.


Visiting Fellow Presentations

In addition to public seminars, the Programme also puts on bespoke events and team meetings for Visiting Fellows and team members each term where Fellows have the opportunity to present their work.

Conferences & Study Days

Six of the books in the OUP Changing Character of War series are direct products of CCW conferences – those on the Laws of Armed ConflictClausewitzPre-emptionJust and Unjust Warriors, the UN Security CouncilPrisoners in War, the History of Surrender,the Changing Character of War, and considerations of policy and strategy At The End of Military Intervention. Other conferences and workshops have resulted in the publication of new doctrine, independent volumes, including one on Combat and Cohesion, and articles or chapters, including the partnering of indigenous forces, in True to Their Salt. Recent international conferences have included a symposium on ‘Civil-Military Relations in the Making of Strategy’ in September 2014, which brought together British, American, Canadian, New Zealand, and Dutch academics and senior military personnel (including Defence Attachés); and ‘Frontline: Combat and Cohesion in Iraq and Afghanistan’, which considered battlefield performance of today’s professional forces, particularly in contrast to the citizen armies of the 20th century. The principal organizer was Professor Anthony King of Exeter University and a Visiting Fellow of CCW. 

CCW runs an Executive Leadership Course most years. This intensive one-week course equips participants with a critical understanding of the changing character of armed conflict as well as the conceptual and practical tools necessary to anticipate and tackle future conflict. The course takes an interdisciplinary, participatory approach and combines academic rigour with innovative practical thinking. It is critical for current and future leaders involved in policy-formulation, practice or research related to security, defence and peacebuilding. Global in outlook, the course is principally designed for government officials, staff of international organisations and NGOs, military professionals and the private sector with several years of work experience in issues related to security, defence or peacebuilding. It is also for scholars researching armed conflict